Spending your bitcoins is becoming easier as more merchants begin accepting bitcoins as a payment method.

✔ Did you know that shopkeepers & merchants save upto 3% processing fees when you pay with bitcoin instead of credit cards?
Some merchants pass on those savings to their customers!

Large Retailers and Service Providers

Large retailers like Overstock.com and Tigerdirect.com and service providers like Dish Network also accept bitcoins as a payment method.

Gyft offers gift cards that can be spent at thousands of large retailers such as Kmart, Target, Amazon, Sears and many more. Simply purchase a ‘dollar value’ gift card with bitcoin and use in the store of your choice.

Thousands of Online Shops

Bitpay, one of the most respected merchant service providers in the Bitcoin space, have a directory containing tens of thousands of their business customers that accept bitcoin.

Local Businesses Near You

Search for specific products and retailers at SpendBitcoins.

Coinmap is another site to check out. You can locate on a map thousands of businesses, cafes & restaurants that accept bitcoin.