Buying bitcoins is becoming easier as more services come online and more businesses enter the space.

✔ Did you know that you can buy a fraction of a bitcoin?

It’s important to do your homework before purchasing bitcoins. Your homework should include:

  • A basic understanding of bitcoin terminology.
  • How to keep your bitcoins secure.
  • The most suitable wallet for your circumstances.
  • How to avoid common pitfalls.

Face to Face

If you are more comfortable meeting with someone face to face, try LocalBitcoins where you can find someone in your area willing to sell bitcoins.

!! Exercise personal security when meeting strangers.

Service Providers

People in Australia and UK can visit CoinJar. They provide online wallet solutions and market rates to buy bitcoins without leaving home.


✔ Did you know that you can buy bitcoins through dedicated ATMs, just like the common bank ATMs?

To find a Bitcoin ATM near you, have a look at Bitcoin ATM Map website.

By the way, you can also sell bitcoins at some of these ATMs, which will dispense cash.


(!) Exchanges are not recommended for beginners! Bitcoin exchanges are primarily for currency traders. It is advised to never use an exchange as a longterm wallet solution.

Bitcoinity has a list of the top exchanges (by volume).

  LocalBitcoins offer a commission for referals we send to them.