Learning cryptocurrency from scratch will be useful for those who want to invest safely in the market. Courses will help to understand the functionality of tools for creating and running business projects. Professional education is useful for entrepreneurs, miners, lawyers and software developers.

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The best training from scratch is structured and consistent training, immersing you in the specific environment of digital currency. The following blocks are covered in detail during the training:

  • The basics of cryptography;
  • business organisation;
  • The essence of smart contracts;
  • ways of attracting investments;
  • criteria for information security, and more.

Cryptocurrency training courses for beginners can be taken for free or bought from 1,390. The best online schools are Investology, Skillbox, Udemy, Fin-Ra. Basic courses from scratch – an opportunity to learn the principles of investing, understand the workings of crypto. In-depth training programmes cover issues related to potential and risk analysis, ways of investing.

Trainees will be able to:

  • program their own blockchain;
  • assemble their own mining equipment;
  • choose the right exchanges and trade cryptocurrency.

Crypto training for beginners aims to improve the technological and financial literacy of businesspeople and newcomers to the crypto-economy. Blockchain networks, futures, options decentralised applications are all inextricably linked to the concept of ‘cryptocurrency’ – learning from scratch under the guidance of experienced investors will allow you to become more competent, educated in trading.