Transaction Strength

time to wait for confidence

✔ The Bitcoin Transaction Strength is the amount of time to wait before you can be confident a transaction will not be double-spent.

What Does This Mean?

A higher Bitcoin Transaction Strength means you can be more confident that a transaction will not be reversed or invalidated through a double-spend or orphaned blocks.

Current Waiting Times

This table, calculated as of right now, shows the amount of time to wait depending on your appetite for risk.

Very Low Value Transactions 08 MIN 17 SEC 1 Block
60% Strength : Low Value Txs 08 MIN 17 SEC 1 Blocks
80% Strength 16 MIN 34 SEC 2 Blocks
95% Strength 33 MIN 07 SEC 4 Blocks
99% Strength : High Value Txs 49 MIN 41 SEC 6 Blocks

Example: With a transaction strength of 80%, *IF* the largest mining pool wanted to be malicious, they would have 20% chance of success after 2 confirmations/blocks.

Largest Mining Pool

AntPool has 17.06% of the Bitcoin network hashrate.

99% Bitcoin Transaction Strength

To be 99% certain your transaction will not be double-spent, you should wait:
49 MIN 41 SEC. The average time for block creation is 08 MIN 17 SEC

CREDIT to @thomaskerin for assisting with the maths. / github source