✔ BitcoinEDU provides an educational service to Bitcoin newcomers and enthusiasts.

Our goal is to answer some of the most common questions about Bitcoin in a concise and understandable way, while also sharing Bitcoin news as it happens.

Our primary communication medium is through Twitter.

Our account @bitcoinEDU is a semi-autonomous agent.

It’s a program designed by @djbooth007 to provide a service to Twitter users.

@djbooth007 monitors @bitcoinEDU communication to ensure no hiccups or missed replies, hence the term semi-autonomous.

Why provide this service?

Increasing the use of Bitcoin will increase its value to the community, so adoption is essential to Bitcoin’s success. Here is a list of things @bitcoinEDU is programmed to do. When a Twitter user asks a public question about Bitcoin, @bitcoinEDU will reply with an answer. Frequently, the question “What is bitcoin?” is asked in the public Twitter stream.

@bitcoinEDU has multiple answers for each question, and will answer differently each time, for example:

“Bitcoin is a payment network that enables transfer of money over the internet. The currency used on the network are bitcoins.”

Dozens of questions and corresponding answers are available.

Quotes Relating To Bitcoin

@bitcoinEDU frequently tweets quotes about Bitcoin and the monetary system, largely inspired by Andreas Antonopoulos.

Other quotes are attributed to famous commentators and authors within and outside of the Bitcoin space. Shout out to @aantonop, @djbooth007, @dMnyc

Facts About Bitcoin

@bitcoinEDU frequently tweets general facts about Bitcoin and it’s history.

Bitcoin Price

@bitcoinEDU will tweet the current price of bitcoin a few times within a 24 hour period. While we generally don’t focus too heavily on the price, these particular tweets also give the price exactly 1 year earlier as a point of comparison.

Bitcoin News

@bitcoinEDU frequently retweets popular posts from people in the Bitcoin space including blogs, developers and enthusiasts.

Additional news and images are sourced from Reddit.

Bitcoin Videos

@bitcoinEDU tweets the most popular bitcoin YouTube videos of the week and Bitcoin-related music videos.